Happy Dogs – Happy Customers

I was Sigi’s Program Director (teacher) at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, where she attended and attained her Certification as a professional dog trainer. She was a wonderful and dedicated student, who really took the time to understand dog behavior, Psychology, and the proper use of Positive Reinforcement dog training. She is kind, gentle, and passionate for helping animals and their human guardians. I give my highest recommendation in her skills and abilities!

Marcela K.

Sigi is a complete LIFESAVER!! Within a few sessions she had my puppy, Casey, potty trained, following commands, and even doing a few cute tricks! I couldn’t believe it Before, I was seriously thinking of giving up my adorable little puppy. No matter what I did, she just wouldn’t listen to me. It was so frustrating. Now, my puppy is completely transformed. Sigi was always patient, kind, and loving with her. She even spent time with me explaining dog behaviors, and essentially “trained” me on how to deal with her. Casey is finally responding to me, and now I can’t imagine my life without her! SIgi is the best. Worth every penny. Thank you Sigi!!

Aileen K.

If you are looking for a, kind, friendly, positive professional and gracious sitter Sigi will be the one. Sigi loves taking care of pets, loves to work positively with dogs and really enjoys spending time with them. Sigi takes her work with pets seriously. She comes with a happy positive attitude fully ready to provide a good time for the dogs. She is trustworthy, fully committed to her clients, happy to answer questions and provides a relief for my long-distance worries.

Ronit A.

Our Golden Retriever (Shadow) was 6 months old when we rescued him. He had no training to speak of, and was completely out of control. 
we have had several Goldens throughout the years, and thought we knew how to train and handle them. Shadow, however was a special case. No matter what we tried, it just didn’t work.
I contacted Sigi at “Dogs Rock Canine Training” and explained our situation. Sigi came to our rescue. She came to our house. Did an evaluation of Shadow and came up with a training plan for him. 
Sigi has worked with Shadow once and sometimes twice a week. She started with basic commands, and has trained him to not jump, bite, counter surf, and to stay off of the furniture. He now walks with us on his leash. He has gone from an out of control, wild animal, to an important part of our family. 
Sigi has not only trained Shadow, but she has also trained us. She has taught us things we never knew about living with a dog. 
There just aren’t enough words to describe how thankful we are to have found Sigi.
We rescued Shadow, Sigi rescued us!!


Travis and Dawn