Behavioral modification through positive training while having fun.

At Dogs Rock Canine Training we believe in teaching dogs to learn in a fun and positive way. Our focus is aimed at enhancing the relationship between you and your dog. We know that dogs learn best when treated in a humanely and compassionate manner. Our results are effectively achieved through science based force free training. At Dogs Rock Canine Training you will see the results that you are looking for.
Lets face it….Dogs Do Rock!!


Casey, at 4 months, learning several commands within a week.

Shadow, on mat training with a stay

Shadow on mat training finishing with a crawl

About Us

Sigi Cohen is a graduate of Catch Canine Trainers Academy. As a certified dog trainer, she has earned the title of CDTK (Certified in Dog Training Knowledge), and has completed studies in both obedience training and behavioral consultation. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

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